There are a large number of home care companies in the area. Many of them offer a full spectrum of services for you and your loved ones. The problem with this approach is that very often, they ask the same caregivers (usually CNA’s or HHA’s) to perform all of the different jobs related to home care. If you were the manager of a baseball team, you would never ask the same player to play all 9 positions. There’s nothing wrong with CNA’s or HHA’s. In fact, we have several on our staff. They usually have a great set of technical skills that make them perfect in certain situations. The type of care we specialize in is called Companion Care. Companion Care is for people who need a little extra help with their daily routine to maintain their independence while they enjoy the benefit of a little extra company. A Companion’s tasks will normally include light housekeeping and meal preparation but may also include partaking in a client’s favorite game or engaging in interesting conversation. It requires a very different skill set with more emphasis on soft skills and relationships.

Our screening and hiring process is different from most. First, we administer a personality and behavioral assessment to determine whether or not a prospective caregiver has the right make-up to be a Companion. Next, we rigorously check the prospective caregiver’s past by administering a criminal background check, performing a driving record screen and thoroughly examining all references. Once we find the right candidate, we enter them into a 1-yr nationally recognized award winning training program where they continue to enhance and refine their existing Companion Care skills.

We believe our process makes us unique and our Companions are the best in the business. For more information and a free assessment, please fill out the form below and thank you for considering Brookside Home Care.