We have been using Brookside Home Care for 8 months. Before Brookside came into our lives, we were fearful and frustrated at the lack of quality services for our particular situation (my wife suffers from Vascular Dementia). We had an experience with another Home Agency prior to connecting with Brookside Home Care. The differences are profound. Brookside took the time to do a meet-and-greet with us and the prospective caregiver prior to any commitments or agreements being made. This was the personal touch and an important step in finding the right caregiver for our needs.

Our caregiver, Karen is exactly what we were looking for when we began our search. She is very caring, considerate and competent. After only a few weeks, we felt like she had already become a friend. She has helped us by providing assistance with medication reminders, performing chores around the house, providing transportation to doctors appointments and other errands. But most importantly, she provides companionship for my wife. My wife is more mentally engaged during the day and she finds herself looking forward to the scheduled time with the caregiver.

The owner, Rob has been very attentive and hands on throughout the process of hearing and understanding our situation, needs and wants. In doing so, he was able to find the appropriate caregiver. Rob remains involved and is always available to answer any questions we have.

Without hesitation, we would recommend Brookside Home Care to anyone that is in need of help for a loved one at home.


Rich from Long Beach

Before we started using Brookside Home Care, we knew my Mom needed help. We weren’t sure where we would get the help or if it would be any good. It was definitely a time of worry. A friend recommended Brookside Home Care to us. It was the first and only agency we ever used. Over the last 3 months, they provided 2 care providers – Linda and Liz. Both treated my mom very well and related to her. They were wonderful, energetic and caring people. They took my mom to doctor’s appointments, prepared nutritious meals, helped with errands and chores and they even helped her start a garden. We are now feeling much more confident about Mom’s care and how she is doing living in her home.

The owner, Rob was extremely responsive, returning calls and emails promptly. He is a decent, caring, thoughtful and intelligent person that treated us with respect. He vetted his aides thoroughly when he was recruiting. He also kept our family informed of any changes in my Mom’s condition. I can honestly say I could not have gotten better service. I enthusiastically recommend Brookside to anyone looking for great aides led by a customer-oriented business owner.


Greg from Melville

I feel so blessed that we hit the nail on the head with the first agency we tried. We used Brookside for about nine months. Prior to finding Brookside, I was totally stressed out and completely overwhelmed, trying to take care of my mom and her household while having a full time job and two children at home. The owner, Robert was always ready to help whenever he could. He came up with many great solutions to several situations that arose. He was always there for us.

Barbara, our care provider was a god-send. She came into my mom’s life at a time that my mom didn’t want help. Barbara stuck it out and the bond that was created was at times stronger than ours. She treated my mom as if she were her own grandmother. Everything she did, she did with love, care and kindness. She handled the day-to-day stuff like chores, medication reminders, prepared meals and kept us informed of any changes in my mom’s condition. At doctor’s appointments, she made sure the doctors were providing excellent care. Most importantly, she validated my mom and made her feel valued and loved. My mom was so lucky to have such a wonderful person taking care of her.

We were very happy with the job that Robert, Barbara and the rest of the team at Brookside and we would highly recommend them to anyone looking for home care.

Celeste from Copiague

Before we found Brookside Home Care, we were distraught, stressed, overwhelmed and fearful! Mom needed more care than Dad, myself or my siblings could provide. Once we started working with Brookside, what a relief! Thank God for Brookside and Tonya and Barbara. We were able to focus on organizing the household needs and doctor’s appointments as well as resuming our normal work patterns. Barbara and Tonya provided much needed time for my Dad to rest as well as for me to be with my family.

We used Brookside for 7 months. We had two care providers.

Barbara - I don’t know what I would have done this past year without Barbara! Barbara was a smart, genuinely caring professional and went beyond in her encouragement for my Mom. I felt as if no one could care for my Mom and Dad better than Barbara did. She spent a lot of time with my Mom and Dad. My Mom has improved so much, gained weight and walks with minimal assistance because of Barbara and her kindness and care. Barbara also provided companionship and advocated for my mom while she was in the Rehab Center, giving her 1:1 care, reporting doctor visits and care to family, encouraging meals and being a caring face everyday during that difficult time. Thank You Barbara!

Tonya – Tonya kept Mom safe! I couldn’t manage staying at my parents overnight. Tonya provided companionship, provided medication reminders and made sure my mom stayed on the appropriate medication schedule. Her professionalism gave my Dad the security to rest. She reported dangerous situations to us and provided supervision which prevented Mom from falling and kept her safe, all from 7PM to 7AM. Thank You Tonya!

Thank you Robert, for your good listening. You took the time to really listen to our needs and to communicate with both my family and your care providers. It really relieved so much stress at a difficult time. I appreciated the fact you were always available for questions. The introduction you provided for your care givers made us feel secure that we made a good choice right from the beginning….And we did!


Margaret from Baldwin