There are a large number of home care companies in the area. Many of them offer a full spectrum of services. The problem with this approach is that very often, the same caregivers (usually CNA’s or HHA’s) are asked to perform all of the roles related to home care. If you were the manager of a baseball team, you would never ask the same player to play all 9 positions. There’s nothing wrong with CNA’s or HHA’s. In fact, we have several on our staff. They usually have a great set of technical skills that make them perfect in certain situations. The type of care we specialize in is called Companion Care. Companion Care is for people who need a little extra help with their daily routine to maintain their independence while they can enjoy the benefit of some extra company. A Companion’s tasks will normally include light housekeeping and meal preparation but may also include partaking in a client’s favorite game or engaging in interesting conversation. It requires a very different skill set with more emphasis on soft skills and relationships. We’ve developed a series of partnerships and procedures to differentiate us from our competition and make us the very best at what we do. Here’s HOW WE do it….


We realize that our agency is only as good as our caregivers. That’s why we’ve created the most stringent screening process in the market. Our Caregiver Quality Assurance program was created using research done by psychological experts at the Learning Center and PeopleClues. In addition to looking at a prospective caregiver’s experiences and performing a rigorous background check and DMV screen, our CQA program consists of psychological, behavioral and cognitive assessments to determine whether or not a prospective caregiver has the right make-up to be a Companion. This extra level of screening ensures that the caregivers we send into a client’s home are trustworthy, dependable and qualified to provide top quality care.


Once we find the right caregiver, we enroll them into a nationally recognized training program. This program, developed by AcQuire Training Solutions, allows our caregivers to continue to enhance and refine their existing Companion Care skills. With access to over 40 hrs of training, our caregivers are well equipped to handle any situation that may arise.


When a loved one needs a little extra help, it often leaves family and friends in an unfamiliar role. Even with a professional caregiver, new situations and challenges will often arise that loved ones are not prepared to face. The Family Learning Center offers over 50 courses relating to the roles, responsibilities and challenges surrounding the care of our elderly loved ones. Topics of our family courses range from understanding signs and symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease, managing and coping with challenging behaviors, daily care skills, First Aid and even information on how to create engaging activities for your family member.


We understand how stressful it can be to have a loved one that needs help to get through their daily routines and many of the worries that accompany it. We try to alleviate some of that stress by giving you real-time updates to the care we provide via our online Family Room Portal. With the Family Room, you will be able to access records of care online from any device with Internet access and be updated in real-time as specific tasks are completed. Additionally, you can use a shared calendar to track visits scheduled by your caregivers and coordinate events with other family members.


Our experienced Caregivers provide our clients with loving care and assistance to help make their lives easier and retain their independence. As the manager, founder and a Certified Senior Advisor, I provide the oversight to our Caregivers in the field and ensure families that their loved ones are safe. We are available 24 hrs per day, seven days per week to answer any questions you may have or deal with any situations that may arise. All of our Caregivers are carefully screened, bonded and insured so you can trust you are getting the best possible assistance. If needed, our agency also provides services to seniors who may reside in an assisted living facility or nursing home.

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